GLENROSE Cattery has 22 chalets in total. ONLY CATS FROM THE SAME FAMILY ARE HOUSED TOGETHER, IF DIFFERENT, THE OWNER SHOULD MAKE PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS FOR ITS OWN SEPARATE CHALET AT THE TIME OF BOOKING. This is strictly adhered to. Their indoor chalet area has a shelf and a cosy bed to go have a nap, with a spacious exercise area to allow them to play with toys or to have a look around. Each pen opens into an escape-proof safety corridor, this is to ensure all guests remain safe throughout their stay. They also have an individual light and a heater, and, there is provision for an extra heat pad if required for the cooler season. Each has its own litter tray, scoop, dustpan and brush to stop cross-contamination.


We do supply beds and bedding, but if you so wish to bring your own, you are quite welcome, we just ask for it to be clean and parasite free, you could also bring along a blanket or towel with familiar smells of home, to help them settle in. Favourite toys can also be brought with you to keep them occupied, once again we do have some smaller items which we keep here in the cattery. When these have been used, they are washed and disinfected, then put away in a named container for that particular cat’s next stay.


Meals are prepared in our spacious, hygienic, cattery kitchen. We aim to keep your cats diet as near as possible to home. Only the best quality wet/dry foods and biscuits are provided. These will be shown to you in the kitchen, eg Felix, Whiskas in pouches, Go Cat biscuits, and many more. We offer DAILY treats (if allowed) with each meal, freshly cooked chicken, white fish, and tuna, (this IS your cats holiday too!). PRESCRIPTION DIETS can be maintained, but we kindly request that you bring this food with you. We do ask you to bring enough food for your cats stay, this is in case there are any delays due to flights or road travel. It is better having too much than not enough. Adult cats are fed twice a day whereas kittens and seniors are fed according to their requirements. Fresh clean water is available at all times and checked regularly. We do not feed when we know the cat/s are going home, as this could make them sick, so we advise that they are not fed for their Arrival.